Why You Need A Jump Starter

Let’s face it, there is never a good time to experience a flat battery. Often striking at the worst time possible, a flat battery means either finding someone to help you jump start your car or having a mobile auto electrician come out to replace it. Finding help in good time is dependent on your location and the time of day, with the bottom line being you are now losing time and, in most cases, money. For 4WD enthusiasts, a flat battery can be an absolute nightmare if it happens in a remote location.

There are also safety concerns associated with jump starting a battery. The heavy duty cables needed to get your car running can cause some serious damage if not handled correctly while connecting them. We can’t plan for a flat battery and they can often be the result of leaving the lights or other electrical devices on overnight. Winter is another time when jump starts are needed as the cold weather can affect batteries to such a point where the vehicle will not be able to start on its own.

jump starter and clamps

So let’s say we find ourselves with a vehicle that won’t start. We need someone to come past that also happens to have jumper cables, which is very rare, or be in a location that is serviced by a reliable mobile auto electrician. If none of these things are on the cards, you are out of luck. Luckily for us, there is an incredibly affordable solution that can fit in your centre console, ready to jump start our vehicle when needed.

What Is A Jump Starter?

A jump starter can best be described as a portable battery that can be used to jump start your vehicle when needed. They are lightweight, durable and weather resistant, meaning they can be stored just about anywhere. Your jump starter will come with its own jumper clamps which you can use to get your car going when the battery can’t get the job done itself. A great bonus feature of jump starters is also being able to charge other devices such as phones, laptops and tablets. Those who regularly go out bush with their 4WD will know the importance of portable charging devices.

Because a jump starter is a purpose made solution, it comes with safety features to protect you while in use. These can include surge protection and short-circuit prevention which makes them much safer to use when compared to standard jump starting. When you stack it all up, having a jump starter on hand just makes sense. It can safely jump start your vehicle, charge your electrical devices and it fits in your centre console. It affords you peace of mind knowing that no matter when your car refuses to start, the answer is right there, ready to go.

charging battery with jump starter

Talk To An Expert About Jump Starters

We stock a wide range of auto electrical components from trusted brands based on our decades of experience. We can give you the best advice possible when deciding what brand of jump starter to go with. We can also give you a quick demonstration on how to use it safely before you get on your way. If you have more questions about jump starters or would like to know more about our other auto electrical services, give us a call on 07 5495 7333. You can also contact us online by clicking here.