Keep Your Cool With Our Aircon Regas Service

An efficiently functioning air conditioning system is vital for a comfortable driving experience. At Bashi’s Auto Electrical, our skilled technicians will perform a comprehensive aircon regas to restore the cooling performance of your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

Why Your Aircon Needs A Regas:

Aircon regas is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Optimal Cooling Performance: Over time, the refrigerant in the air conditioning system can deplete, resulting in reduced cooling efficiency and inadequate temperature control.
  • Leak Detection: Regas service includes testing the system and checking for leaks to ensure proper refrigerant circulation and prevent further damage.
  • Improved Performance: By regassing the system to factory specifications, we can restore optimal performance and efficiency, ensuring effective cooling in your vehicle.
  • Future Leak Detection: We add U.V. dye during the regas process to aid in future leak detection, making it easier to identify any potential leaks.
Aircon Regas Service

Our Aircon Regas Service:

At Bashi’s Auto Electrical, our aircon regas service includes the following:

System Testing and Leak Check: Our technicians will thoroughly test the air conditioning system and check for any leaks or issues that may affect performance.

  • U.V. Dye Addition: We add U.V. dye to the system, allowing for easier detection of leaks in the future.
  • Regas to Factory Specifications: The system will be regassed with the correct amount and type of refrigerant to restore it to factory specifications.
  • Performance Testing: We will test the cooling performance of the system to ensure it is functioning optimally.
  • Recommendations for Further Improvement: If we identify any areas where the system can be further improved, we will provide recommendations and discuss them with you.
  • Free System Recheck: Our service includes a free system recheck at a later date to ensure continued performance and address any concerns.

Why Choose Bashi’s Auto Electrical:

When you choose our aircon regas service at Bashi’s Auto Electrical, you benefit from:

  • Expert Technicians: Our experienced technicians have in-depth knowledge of air conditioning systems and can accurately diagnose and regas your vehicle’s system.
  • Comprehensive Service: We perform thorough testing, regas to factory specifications, and provide valuable recommendations for further improvement.
  • U.V. Dye for Leak Detection: The addition of U.V. dye makes it easier to detect potential leaks in the future, ensuring prompt maintenance and preventing further damage.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to deliver a refreshed and efficient air conditioning system for your comfort.

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