Auto Electrical Health Check

If you are taking a long road trip or feel like your car or truck is not operating at 100%, it might be time to book in for an auto electrical health check. Designed to check the key components of your auto electrical system, our health check is a quick and affordable way to make sure everything is operating as it should. During the health check we will inspect 10 different systems and provide you with a full report detailing our findings and any recommendations.

Our auto electrical health check is available for cars, 4WD’s and trucks. We can also arrange to carry out the inspection on site for businesses that operate fleets of vehicles. This lets you get on with the day to day, without having to fret over the logistics of having your staff come into the shop. All of our health checks are carried out by qualified, highly experienced auto electricians who know what to look for, giving you peace of mind on the road.

A diagnosis or your auto electrical system can also save you costly repairs. By catching areas of concern earlier we can fix issues before they spiral into big problems. Depending on the part in question, it can be common for one fault to create a domino effect which is why we recommend having a health check carried out on a regular basis. Don’t risk untold expenses and get an auto electrical health check from our team of experienced professionals.

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Our 10 Point Safety Check Includes The Following:

  • Battery condition, age and strength
  • Starter and Alternator performance
  • All your vehicle lights (don’t get a ticket for the sake of a blown bulb!)
  • Wipers, horn, radio, spotlights, accessories
  • Warning lights, alarms or messages
  • General wiring condition
  • Commonly known electrical faults
  • Fuses, connections
  • Diagnostic check with scan tool
  • Engine performance and emissions
auto electrical health check

When Should You Consider An Auto Electrical Inspection?

We recommend having an auto electrical health check once a year in order to keep track of any looming issues and prevent untimely breakdowns. Prevention is always better than the cure and finding that your car will not start before heading off to work is always a stressful experience. Our report will contain a rundown of what we think needs attention and we encourage you to ask any questions so you can learn more about your auto electrical system.

It is also a good idea to have a health check carried out before embarking on long trips such as camping or holiday visits to friends and family. Planning and organising these endeavours can be a stressful time and often your mode of transport is overlooked. By covering your bases with a thorough inspection you better prevent unwanted issues from popping up which means you can focus on fun and family.

auto electrical health check

Prevention Is Key: Play It Safe With An Auto Electrical Health Check

If you think it’s time for an inspection of your auto electrical system, get in touch with us to arrange a time to bring your car or truck in. Our team of qualified auto electricians will conduct a thorough check and our unrelenting attention to detail means you will get the full picture in regards to your vehicle’s health. To arrange a time for your auto electrical health check, call Bashi’s on 07 5495 7333 or get in touch with us online via our contact form.

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