Sunshine Coast Auto Electrician

If you are looking for a Sunshine Coast auto electrician that prides itself on unparalleled customer service then Bashi’s Auto Electrical has you sorted. With a team of qualified and experienced auto electricians on staff we can determine the cause of your issues and provide a fix as soon as possible so you can get back on the road.

We offer a wide range of auto electrical systems including battery replacement, air conditioning servicing and 4WD accessories. If you find yourself stuck with a car that won’t start you can rest easy knowing our mobile auto electrical service is just a phone call away. We offer obligation free quotes before commencing any work on your car or truck.

Bashis Is Your Sunshine Coast Auto Electrician Of Choice For The Following Services:

Sunshine Coast Auto Electrician mobile auto electrical

Mobile Auto Electrician

One of our most valuable services is our mobile auto electrical service. Being stuck with a car that will not start is never a fun time and knowing help is on hand is tremendous peace of mind. We have a fleet of rapid response vehicles, 4 of which are completely decked out with diagnostic tools and spare parts so we can fix your issue there and then.

Sunshine Coast Auto Electrician aircon

Air Conditioning Service / Regas

Summertime is usually when people take long road trips as it happens to align with Christmas. If you have ever been stuck on a trip with no air conditioning you know how unpleasant it can be. We can test your system for any leaks and once we are sure no components need replacing, refill the refrigerant to have your system cooling like new.

Sunshine Coast Auto Electrician battery replacement

Battery Replacement

If you have noticed your lights are dimmer than usual then it could be time to bring your vehicle in for a battery check. We can carry out diagnostics to establish it is performing optimally and is in good health. Should your battery need replacing we can put a new one in from the range of PowerCrank batteries that we stock in the shop.

Auto Electrical Health Check

Sometimes the best way to avoid troubles down the road is to prepare ahead. Our 10 point auto electrical health check is designed to give you an informed idea as to how your auto electrical system is performing. We check everything from your internal lighting all the way through to your fuses and we will give you a report detailing any issues we find.

Headlight Alignment

Having properly aligned headlights is the best way to stay safe on the road while driving at night. Often confused with a failing battery, poorly aligned headlights can result in a dimmer appearance on the road which also presents a danger for those also driving. We use a special machine called a “Beamsetter” to properly align your headlights and keep everyone safe.

Alternator Rebuilding

Car or truck having trouble turning over in the morning? Suspect your battery is not getting enough charge? These signs point to a troublesome alternator that might need repair or replacement. We have a full time auto electrical rebuilder on staff which means we can repair alternators for classic cars where there are no spare parts available anymore.

Sunshine Coast Auto Electrician 4WD

Car & 4WD Accessories

Bashi’s stocks a massive range of tools and toys for your 4WD so you can deck it out top to toe as you see fit. From LED spotlights through to solar panels and reversion cameras, we have everything you need and then some. We can also install and service dual battery systems to make sure everything is getting enough power.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

We recommend you get your fuel injector cleaned and serviced every 80000 km’s in order to keep your car running smoothly. The purpose of your fuel injector is to squirt tiny amounts of fuel into your engine to keep it running. Eventually the injector becomes clogged and having it cleaned means your car keeps its fuel efficiency as high as possible.

Need A Sunshine Coast Auto Electrician? Bring It To Bashi’s

If you want a Sunshine Coast auto electrician with a focus on quality customer service, just bring it to Bashi’s! Our complete range of auto electrical services makes us a one stop shop for everything auto electrical related. Our team of highly qualified and experienced electricians means you can rest assured your car or truck is in good hands.

We service every type of vehicle, from cars through to earthmoving equipment. If it has wheels and wires we can get it moving again. We can even visit commercial entities on site to carry out fleet inspection and repair. Call us on 07 5495 7333 to arrange a time to bring your vehicle in or contact us online for us to get back to you via email.