Somerset Auto Electrician

Bashi’s Auto Electrical have been the Somerset auto electrician of choice for over 25 years, providing a complete range of auto electrical services to residential and commercial clientele. Our team of qualified and experienced auto electricians have worked with just about everything sitting on wheels and can find the cause of your issues in no time.

We carry a massive range of new and used parts for a massive range of vehicles including exotic and classic cars. Our mobile auto electrical service operates in Somerset, providing rapid response and repair should you be stuck with a car that won’t start. We not only work on cars, 4WD’s and trucks but also specialist commercial vehicles such as earthmoving equipment.

Bashis Is Your Somerset Auto Electrician Of Choice For The Following Services:

Somerset Auto Electrician aircon

Air Conditioning Service / Regas

If you have noticed a musty smell coming from your air conditioning vents or are about to embark on a long road trip then it’s a great idea to have your vehicle’s cooling system serviced. We will check your air conditioning system for leaks and electrical faults and once we are happy with its condition replace the refrigerant gas.

Somerset Auto Electrician alternator

Alternator Rebuilding

If your vehicle is having issues starting or you are often experiencing a flat battery then there is a good chance your alternator is on the fritz. We employ a full time electrical rebuilder which means we can repair alternators when there are no replacements available which is a common occurrence for classic cars and specialist models.

Somerset Auto Electrician battery

Battery Check & Replacement

You may have noticed the internal lights of your car or truck are dimming which means it’s a good time to have your battery checked. We will ascertain the health of your battery and if needed replace it with a new one. We also service and install dual battery systems for 4WD’s to help power additional equipment such as spotlights.

Somerset Auto Electrician mobile auto

Somerset Mobile Auto Electrician

While you can always bring your vehicle into our shop for inspection and repair, sometimes fate has other ideas such as leaving you stranded at home or work with a car that will not start. Our rapid response fleet can arrive on site and determine the cause of your issues and with 4 fully kitted out trucks available we can even repair it on the spot.

Somerset Auto Electrician health check

Auto Electrical Health Check

Prevention is better than the cure and arranging an auto electrical health check is a great way to get ahead of any potential issues before they become troublesome headaches. Our 10 point auto electrical health check goes over everything from lighting to air conditioning and we can carry these out for fleets on site via our mobile auto electrical service.

Somerset Auto Electrician headlight

Headlight Alignment

If you are driving at night and notice that your headlights are not performing correctly it may be a sign that your alignment is off. This not only presents a danger to you but also to other people on the road. We use a tool called “Beamsetter” to properly align your headlights so you can get the full picture when driving at night and keep everyone safe.

Somerset Auto Electrician 4WD

Car & 4WD Accessories

From spotlights to solar panels all the way through to cameras and the dual battery systems to power it all, we have you covered when it comes to decking out your pride and joy. Our specialist auto electricians can recommend the right accessories for your 4WD and carry out the installation with a safety first approach.

Somerset Auto Electrician FUEL INJECTOR

Fuel Injection Cleaning

The role of your fuel injector is to squirt tiny amounts of fuel into your engine to keep it running consistently. Over time the tiny openings can become clogged which leads to increased fuel consumption. It is recommended that you have your fuel injector serviced every 80,000km’s to keep everything running smoothly.

Need A Somerset Auto Electrician? Bring It To Bashi’s

If you are looking for a Somerset Auto Electrician that prides itself on attention to detail and quality customer service we have you covered at Bashi’s Auto Electrical. With our massive range of new and used parts we are a one stop shop for anything auto electrical related and provide obligation free quotes before carrying out any work.

If you have a fleet of commercial vehicles we can arrange a time to carry out work after hours to cause as little interruption to your day to day operations as possible. Call us on 07 5495 7333 or visit our contact page to get in touch with us online.