Bribie Island Auto Electrical Service

With over 30 years experience behind us, Bashi’s provides auto electrical services to Bribie Island residents with a focus on quality customer service. We offer our full range of auto electrical services to Bribie Island and our massive range of new and used parts means we are able to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Auto Electrical Health Check

If you are planning a road trip or have just noticed your car is not running optimally it is a great idea to bring it in for a complete auto electrical health check. The goal of a health check is to ensure your car or truck is safe, reliable and to ascertain what electrical components are in need of replacement or repair. We will test everything from your battery to fuses and even your wipers to make sure everything is performing at its peak.

bribie island auto electrical health check

Mobile Auto Electrical Service

Your car rarely picks a great time to break down and this is where our mobile auto electrical service comes in. We have a fleet of 7 response vehicles with 4 of these being fully equipped to take care of any auto electrical issue you might have on the road. Our rapid response means you don’t have to be stuck waiting for help and our onboard merchant facility means we can process payments on site.

bribie island mobile atuo electrial service

Air Conditioning Regas

Summer is upon us and as you well know this means the air conditioner is going to get a workout like no other. Summers on Bribie Island are hot and it makes sense to get in now to have a checkup and potential regas of your air conditioning system. We will test the system for leaks and if needed regas the system to your manufacturers specifications. To keep cool this summer just bring it to Bashi’s.

aircon repair bribie island

Headlight Alignment

Making sure your vehicle’s headlights are correctly aligned is vital to the safety of you, your passengers and others on the road. While poorly performing headlights are typically thought to be a result of a failing battery it will often be due to incorrect headlight alignment. We use a special machine called a “Beamsetter” to ensure your headlights are properly aligned and can make suggestions on any potential improvements.

headlight alignment bribie island

Battery Check & Replacement

As cars become more and more packed with technology the need for a reliable and robust car battery becomes paramount. It is surprising how often someone will bring in a vehicle with a failing electrical system such as anti-theft or general warning lights only to find out it’s due to a failing battery. We will carry out a thorough test of your battery and should it need replacing we carry the incredible range of PowerCrank batteries.

battery check

Need An Auto Electrician In Bribie Island?

If you are in need of auto electrical services in Bribie Island give Bashi’s a call today on 07 5495 7333 to arrange a time that suits you to bring your vehicle in. If you would like us to get in touch with you at a time that suits you can also fill in our online contact form.

Stuck with a car that won’t start? Our mobile auto electrical service services the Bribie Island area and our rapid response times means you won’t be stuck for long. Simply call 07 5495 7333 and one of our qualified auto electricians will be with you in no time.