Air Conditioning Regas In North Brisbane

While the current cold weather might not have you using your air-conditioning as often as you normally might, it is actually a great time to book an air conditioning regas. Once we hit the warmer months we often get booked out so beating the rush is a great way to stay cool when the dreaded summer hits.

As time goes on your vehicle’s air conditioning system will start to deteriorate. This can be from a number of factors including leaks, broken seals and clogged filters. In order to properly service your air conditioning system we will need to carry out a regas procedure. This involves us removing the current refrigerant gas so we can properly test for leaks.

Once we are sure your system is air tight we can then refill it and pressurise the system again. Some cars can go a long time before they need this procedure, up to 5 years, but we recommend bringing your car in every 2 years. By doing this you help keep your vehicle’s compressor in good health.

Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs A Regas

The most obvious sign is the temperature of the air that the system is putting out. If you notice it’s not as cool as it should be or the temperature rises after a short amount of use then this is a great indicator of something not working as intended. This also means taking note when the system is unable to cool your car down completely.

Another helpful sign is the smell it emits. You may very well have been in a car with a musty odour emitting from the air conditioning. The smell can be most noticeable when you first turn the air conditioning on and it is caused by moisture building up within the gas. Making sure your car is emitting clean, breathable air is a top priority for personal health and wellbeing.

The last sign we will look at today is the sound that it makes. If you notice a rattling sound being emitted when you turn your air conditioning on this is a sign to bring it in for inspection as soon as possible. The sound could also be a banging or a grinding and all of these mean a different issue with your car’s air control system.

air conditioning regas

What Happens During An Air Conditioning Regas

When you bring your car in for a regas we will carry out a number of procedures as part of the service, with the goal being to establish if there is a fault and where it is located. This means we will inspect the car’s thermostat, operation valves, pulleys and hoses for any breaks or wear and tear.

Once we are sure they are clear we can test system lines and components for leaks using specialised equipment. The next step is then removing the existing refrigerant, keeping it for environmentally safe disposal. More testing is carried out to ensure the system is not leaking and once satisfied we will add new refrigerant to it. The next stages are checking the temperature of your condenser and making sure the temperature of the suction line is where it should be.

It is worth noting that while most auto electricians use the right components, it is always a great idea to stay away from those offering a cheaper service due to using a cheap refrigerant. While the temptation of saving a few dollars is not lost on anyone, the use of dangerous coolants such as M30 present a major fire risk.

Bashi’s Auto Electrical only uses the best quality components and refrigerants. We have a massive range of spare parts on hand that are professionally restored should it be impossible to track down a new part for your particular vehicle.

Need An Air Conditioning Regas in North Brisbane? Bring It To Bashi’s!

We have been servicing North Brisbane for decades and can work with you to arrange a time to bring your car in. We will always supply you with a quote so you know the full tory before we begin and all of our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Beat the heat and the rush by booking in an air conditioning regas at Bashi’s today. Call us on 07 5495 7333 or fill in our online contact form to have someone get back to you when it suits.