Auto Air Conditioning Servicing Caboolture

As the hot weather is already starting to hit South East Queensland our attention turns once again to the hard work of our vehicle’s air conditioning systems. As with your air conditioner at home, your car’s air conditioning needs regular servicing to avoid issues and maintain peak performance on even the hottest days. Beat the rush and the heat with the pre-summer auto air conditioning servicing Caboolture residents trust

Regular Maintenance

Did you know your car’s auto air conditioning system has a filter that needs to be changed every two years? Generally, your vehicle’s air conditioning system should be serviced every year or two as well. Regular preventative maintenance is key to ensuring all parts of your vehicle are operating in peak condition. After all, you don’t wait for your car to break down before getting a service. Having your car’s air conditioning fail on a Queensland summer day is unpleasant and stressful and servicing is an easy way to avoid it.

Warning Signs

There are a few warning signs that your car needs an auto air conditioning service. The obvious signs are your air conditioner struggling to cool your vehicle and the air coming directly from the vents not feeling very cool or failing to get as cold as it used to. Also, pay attention to the smell coming from your vehicle’s air conditioning, musty or wet smells can be a sign of dirt and other contaminants getting into the refrigerant system.

Allergy sufferers may also notice dust, pollen and other particles being recirculated into the cabin which can point to an air filter failure. Of course, any strange noises like banging or rattling coming from the air conditioning system should also be investigated.

Bashi’s Is Your Auto Air Conditioning Experts

Here at Bashi’s, we specialise in auto electrics and airconditioning. With our expertise and specialist equipment, we make troubleshooting, diagnosing problems and servicing air conditioning systems quick and easy. Our service includes a full system test and check, regassing and performance test, UV dye leak detection and a complimentary system recheck at a later date to ensure all seals are secure and there are no leaks.

Our expert team offer comprehensive auto electrical servicing in Caboolture for customers across the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane. Book your auto air conditioning service early for peace of mind this summer.

Auto Air Conditioning Servicing Caboolture
Auto Air Conditioning Servicing Caboolture