Deception Bay Auto Electrician

Are you in need of a Deception Bay auto electrician for your car, truck or 4WD? Bashi’s Auto Electrical have been providing a complete range of auto electrical services throughout Deception Bay for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on quality customer service and provide obligation free quotes before going ahead with any work.

Our team of qualified and experienced auto electricians are able to determine the cause of your vehicle’s issues and provide a solution as soon as possible so you can get back on the road in no time. We service any type of vehicle you can think of from cars all the way through to big rigs and even earthmoving equipment.

Our Deception Bay Auto Electrical Services Include:

Mobile Auto Electrician

You can never plan for a breakdown or a car failing to start. Our Deception Bay mobile auto electrical service provides rapid response assistance to both residential and commercial customers. Our fleet of vehicles includes 4 trucks fully stocked with both spare parts and diagnostic equipment so we can fix your car on the spot.

For those commercial operators with multiple company vehicles our mobile auto electrical service can also provide on site inspections and servicing at a time that suits you. Any issues we find can typically be resolved on the spot which eliminates downtime and takes care of what might normally be a logistical nightmare.

deception bay auto electrician mobile auto electrician

Auto Electrical Health Check

Our 10 point auto electrical health check is designed to give you insight into the health of your vehicle and catch any potential faults before they become a bigger problem down the road. We will inspect every aspect of your vehicle’s auto electrical system from the fuses all the way through to wiring, air conditioning and your battery.

Once we have completed the health check we can provide a detailed report outlining any potential issues we have found and provide recommendations to resolve them. As prevention is always better than the cure we suggest bringing your car in for an auto electrical health check once a year to stay on top of things.

deception bay auto electrician auto electrical health check

Air Conditioning Regas

Summers can be brutal in Queensland so making sure your air conditioning system is in good working order is vital to avoid being stuck in a hot car on a road trip. The signs that your air conditioner might need a service is musty smells coming from the vents or the system not cooling as much as it used to.

We will check the entire system for leaks and replace or repair any parts needed if we find one. Once we are sure everything is working as it should be we will then replace the gas and your car will be cooling like new again. Don’t get caught out during summer and keep your cool by bringing your car to Bashi’s for an air conditioner service.

deception bay auto electrician aircon repair

4WD Lighting & Accessories

We stock a massive range of lighting and other accessories for your 4WD or truck so you can deck it out before your next off road adventure. From LED spotlights through to solar panels, rear cameras, radios and electric brake controllers we have it all and can also provide expert recommendations as to what products will benefit you the most.

We also install and service dual battery systems which are needed to power all the new toys. Our qualified auto electricians will take care of any new wiring that needs to happen so you can rest assured that everything is safe and no shortcuts have been taken.

deception bay auto electrician 4wd

Bashi’s Is The Leading Deception Bay Auto Electrician

If you are looking for a Deception Bay auto electrician with a proven track record of quality customer service and attention to detail then Bashi’s Auto Electrical is your first call. Our complete range of auto electrical services include battery replacement, alternator rebuilding and headlight alignment.

We carry a massive range of new and used parts which means we can get you back on the road sooner while also being able to service exotic and classic cars that do not have access to new parts anymore. If you would like to arrange a time to bring your car, truck or 4WD into Bashi’s give us a call on 07 5495 7333 or fill in our quick contact form on this page to have us get back to you via email.