Strathpine Auto Electrician

If you are in need of a Strathpine auto electrician Bashi’s is here to provide a full range of auto electrical services to residents and businesses throughout the area. With a team of qualified and experienced auto electricians and a massive range of both new and used parts we can get you back on the road as soon as possible at a great price.

Our Strathpine Auto Electrical Services Include:

Strathpine Mobile Auto Electrician

Stuck at home or work with a car that won’t start? Leave the lights on overnight? Having a vehicle break down is always a stressful event but with our rapid response mobile auto electrical service we will be out to you as quickly as possible to find out what is causing the issue and how to go about fixing it.

We have a fleet of mobile auto electrical vehicles including 4 fully outfitted with diagnostic tools and spare parts so we can get you sorted on the spot without the need for a tow truck. Our mobile services are not just for cars, we also service and repair everything from 4WD’s to trucks and earthmoving equipment.

strathpine auto electrician

Battery Testing & Replacement

For the most part people will never even think of their car battery until it runs flat or has an issue. Being proactive is always a strong recommendation from us and bringing your vehicle in for a battery test is a great way to prevent getting stuck somewhere you don’t want to be. This is especially true if you are running a dual battery system or are about to go on a road trip.

We can carry out a series of tests to ascertain the health of your battery and to make sure it is getting enough charge. Should you be in need of a replacement battery for your car, 4WD or truck we carry the full range of PowerCrank batteries. Their reliability and value are beyond reproach so you can have peace of mind knowing you are powered by the best.

strathpine auto electrician

Auto Electrical Health Checks

While having your battery tested is always a great idea, the best form of protection against unwanted surprises in your auto electrical system is a top to bottom auto electrical health check. With summer holidays fast approaching and travel restrictions between states being lifted there is a massive amount of road trips expected to happen at the end of December. Making sure everything is performing as it should just makes sense given these circumstances.

We will check everything from wiring, fuses and lighting all the way through to your battery, starter and alternator. We will note any potential issues we observe and present solutions on how to go about fixing them. This is a great way to gain valuable insights into your auto electrical system and head off any potential issues down the road.

strathpine auto electrician

Air Conditioning Servicing / Regas

Summer is on its way and for those living in Strathpine it goes without saying that it can get a tad toasty during this time of the year. Combine that with the Christmas road trips to see family and you have the perfect storm for your air conditioning unit to go awry. If you have noticed your car is not cooling as much as it did before or perhaps a damp odour coming from your vents it could be time to arrange a servicing of your air conditioner.

We will test for leaks and if needed regas your car’s air conditioning system to get it cooling like new. No one wants to be stuck in a hot car come Summer so don’t risk it and bring it to Bashi’s for a full inspection and servicing.

strathpine auto electrician

Need A Strathpine Auto Electrician? Bring It To Bashi’s!

If you want the best Strathpine auto electrician then call 07 5495 7333 or contact us online to arrange a time to bring your vehicle in. We can also visit you on site with our fleet of mobile auto electrical vehicles if you have better things to do. No matter what your ride is, from bikes to diggers, if it has wheels and wiring Bashi’s can get you sorted in no time and back on the road.