Morayfield Auto Electrical Service

If you are a resident of Morayfield and are in need of an auto electrical check up then Bashi’s Auto Electrics are your local experts. For over 30 years we have been providing best in class service to the area and are able to solve any electrical issue your car may have. Our workshop features state of the art equipment and we have a massive range of parts both new and used.

Auto Electrical Health Checks:

If you are concerned about the health of your auto electrical system or would simply like to ensure the reliability of your car before a big trip then we offer a complete and thorough auto electrical health check in Morayfield. We have a proven process that gives you the full picture and includes the following 10 point safety check:

  • Battery condition, age and strength
  • Starter and Alternator performance
  • All your vehicle lights (don’t get a ticket for the sake of a blown bulb!)
  • Wipers, horn, radio, spotlights, accessories
  • Warning lights, alarms or messages
  • General wiring condition
  • Commonly known electrical faults
  • Fuses, connections
  • Diagnostic check with scan tool
  • Engine performance and emissions

Starter Motor and Alternator Rebuilding:

Bashis are experts when it comes to dealing with issues relating to your starter motor and alternator and have 2 full time dedicated auto electrical rebuilders on site. As time has passed we have become renowned for dealing with classic cars due to the fact that older vehicles are rarely able to find replacement parts and therefore the part must be rebuilt. We can even rebuild 12v or 24v motors! We also offer a massive range of replacement parts for many makes and models as well.

Fuel Injection Cleaning:

Making sure your Fuel Injection system is clean and running correctly is paramount to the health of your vehicle. Over time your fuel injector becomes blocked and in doing so starts to affect your vehicle’s engine and in turn increase your fuel consumption. At Bashis we recommend you carry out maintenance on your fuel injector every 80,000 km’s to keep your car running optimally.

Headlight Alignment:

If your cars headlights are not properly aligned it can feel like they are not working correctly or are underpowered. By correcting this issue we are able to focus the beam at the correct point in front of your vehicle which will keep you safer when driving at night. We use a machine called a “Beamsetter” which helps us get the best alignment possible. We also stock a wide range of replacement LED driving lights if you would like to upgrade your cars current set.

If you live in Morayfield and feel like your car’s electrical system isn’t working correctly give Bashi’s a call today on 07 5495 7333. Our qualified and experienced staff are here to answer any questions you may have and also provide a mobile auto electrical repair service for the Morayfield area.