Why You Should Use An Auto Electrician

It can be quite common for people to just assume that a general mechanic is the answer for all that ails their cars electrical system. While in many cases this can be true it is always a better move to take it to a specialist in the field. An auto electrician is a skilled technician who understands the complex circuitry and most common faults that befall your car’s electrical systems.

It is also a great idea because of the inherent danger that can come working with electricity. If you have ever gotten an electric shock you will understand it’s no walk in the park and is an extremely unpleasant experience. We always work with a safety first approach and firmly believe that when it comes down to working with electrical systems that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

As technology advances and more and more people turn to hybrid or fully electric cars the electrical components are getting more and more complex which further drives the need to have a qualified and experienced auto electrician take a look when things go awry.

As the electrical and mechanical parts of a car intertwine it can be tricky determining the right place to take it to. Quite often someone will bring their car or truck in stating the problem only for us to find it is something else entirely and when this happens we will always recommend the right professional for the job.

Here Are Some Reasons Why You Need An Auto Electrician

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

This could be the most common reason for people bringing their car in. While the operation of AC is simple enough the system behind it can be quite complex. You have compressors, condensers, relays, sensors, liquids and gases that are all interconnected to make the system work. If one part of this intertwined network of components fails then it can cause the whole AC system to fail or stop functioning to its nominal capacity.

Quite often people will just ramp the AC up more when faced with a system that is not operating at full capacity and this only furthers the problem. Not only that it can get quite frustrating when you delay getting a simple fix only to be hit with the full brunt of the Queensland summer which can be extremely brutal.

Advanced Auto Electrical Diagnostics

Lights not working? Maybe they won’t turn off when the car door is closed? We know the problem but not the cause and finding out the reason for the malfunction is not only required to provide a complete fix but can also help us catch things that will cause further issues down the line. It is not always as simple as a wire coming loose and we have a massive range of specialist diagnostic tools on hand to find the root of the problem in no time.

Installation of Accessories

Got some new spotlights for your ute or 4WD? Maybe you just got a new set of lights for your rig. Whatever the new toy is we can install it, making sure all of the wiring is connected safely and securely. While it might be tempting to try it yourself, things going wrong at the worst time possible is a way of life. We can install stereos, navigation equipment, dash cams and anything else that works off of the car’s electrical system.

Maintenance of Electrical Components

People often underestimate just how many electrical parts are in their car. From the engine to the cabin itself your car runs via a “nervous system” of electrical wiring and components that keep your car operating. In the engine bay sits the alternator, the starter battery, fuel injector, A/C system and of course the battery itself. Aside from the A/C these are all required to keep your car running.

The cabin is home to airbags, dash gauges, sound system, lights and sometimes the electronic engine management system (EEMS) which is incredibly important to your vehicle. The exterior is usually just thought to be headlights but with modern vehicles we are seeing the implementation of proximity sensors, reversing cams, tyre pressure sensors and the ABS.

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Take It To Bashi’s

All of the components above need maintenance from time to time and this is when you need an auto electrician. They can be complex by nature and sometimes even require a special set of tools to operate on. If you are ever concerned about the health of your car’s electrical system then we suggest you bring it in to Bashi’s to have an expert auto electrician take a look.

We will diagnose the issue and provide you with an explanation and quote to have the issue fixed. If we determine any other helpful advice or maintenance can be carried out we will provide you with options for each step, making sure what work we intend to carry out is explained fully so you understand completely.

If you would like to have your car or truck’s electrical system looked at or are experiencing issues with it then give Bashi’s Auto Electrical a call on 07 5495 7333 to arrange a time to bring it in. If you would like us to get back to you at a time that suits you can contact us online to arrange that.