Mounting Your Alternator

Given how important your alternator is to your engine, making sure it is well secured is incredibly important. We have seen more than our fair share of loose alternators coming into the shop and we are always surprised that the original mechanic did not take the time to make sure the process was carried out correctly.

If an alternator is not properly secured it will more than likely come loose and this will mean the alternator starts to vibrate against your engine which damages both it and the engine as a whole. One simple mistake can end up costing you dearly and what’s worse is if you are applying for a warranty claim and it is determined poor fitting of the alternator is the cause you will more than likely not be approved.

mounting an alternator

Tips For Securing Your Alternator

Luckily for us the manufacturers of most normal or “ear” mount alternators have seen fit to add moveable mounting sleeves in the mounting brackets which gives the alternator flexibility when it comes to the various engine makes and models it might be attached to. Not every mounting point is the same so having the ability to make small adjustments to match any particular engine means we can get a tight fight.

It’s very important these sleeves are as right as possible and they should always be moved in as close as possible to the engine’s mounting brackets before the bolts are pulled tight. A handy way to make sure this is the case you can gently tap the sleeve while the alternator bracket is held in a vice. This means you can get the sleeves flush and check completely around the alternator for any gaps before fastening. It also reduces the chance of damaging the alternator while you are securing it.

Taking this step is recommended to avoid damaging the alternator. If you decide to skip this and just use the bolt to pull the sleeve in the bracket that’s on the alternator might snap off. We see this a fair bit and as mentioned above you will void your warranty if this happens. Another potential issue: the housing for the alternator might become distorted. When this happens the rotor can start to damage the stator which will result in failure.

Depending on your type of engine you may be more susceptible to issues relating to poor mounting when it comes to your alternator. Diesel engines are exposed to the most risk and making sure the correct bolts, buts and hardware are used is paramount to keeping everything running smoothly. It is well worth it to ensure the correct diameter of bolts are used and the right amount of tension is applied and doing so will save you in the long run.

Take It To Bashi’s

Making sure your alternator is mounted correctly is clearly important for the wellbeing of your vehicle’s engine and while getting your hands dirty can be fun it is also far safer to let an experienced professional take care of it. We have been working with just about every type of automotive engine and alternator for decades and have experienced just about every situation there is relating to proper mounting. We have learnt from others as to what not to do and stock a massive range of both new and reconditioned alternators to suit any make or model.

If you are concerned about your alternators mounting then you can always bring your car or truck into our shop and we can take a quick look to make sure everything is on the level. It doesn’t take long to check and this can save you money and time down the road. If you would like to book an alternator mounting or check up give us a call today on 07 5495 7333 to arrange a time or contact us online to find out more.

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