Getting Your Air-Conditioning Regassed

As we move out of the brief respite that is the Australian winter we begin to feel the all too common heat that the remainder of the year presents to us lucky enough to live in this beautiful country. Every Aussie knows the feeling of jumping into a car and being presented with warm, stuffy and oppressive heat. This is further exacerbated by a faulty or underperforming air conditioning system.

What Are The Signs Your Air-Conditioning Needs New Gas?

If you suspect it might be time to get your system regased there are a number of signs you can be on the lookout for to let you know it’s time to bring it in to a professional:

  • The most obvious is the air being pushed out of the vents simply does not feel as cold as it once was
  • On days that are very hot you notice it takes a long time for the car to cool down to a comfortable level
  • There is a musty odour coming from the vents which is caused by the build up of moisture and particles collected within the gas
  • You notice sounds such as banding or rattling coming from your car’s air conditioning system

What Does a Regas Entail?

As time goes on your air conditioning system can experience a decline in efficiency due to clogged filters, leaks and worn down seals. If you want the best relief possible from the heat we experience then you should have your system inspected annually. When we regas your system we first remove any existing gas from the system so we can test for leakages before we refill and repressurise it leaving it as good as new.

During an air conditioning service the following services will be performed:

  • Thermostats, belts, pulleys and valves are all inspected along with hoses
  • An electric leak detector is used to determine if there are any leaks in the lines or components
  • The system is flushed which removes the existing gas along with any impurities it might have gained
  • New refrigerant is added to the system
  • Condenser and suction line temperature readings are carried out

Choose a Reputable Professional

Some workshops are guilty of using cheap and dangerous gas such as M30 to replace your existing air conditioning units gas. This is a highly flammable liquid that can cause damage to your cooling system and can also present serious risk if you are in an accident by leaking this gas into the cabin should the unit be damaged on impact.

Bashi’s Are Experts In Air Conditioning Regas

If you think your car’s air conditioning needs an inspection or service then give Bashi’s a call on 07 5495 7333 or contact us online to organise a time for you to bring your car or truck in. Our expertise and experience means we can get you back on the road as soon as possible feeling cool, calm and collected.