Common Car Electrical Problems

No matter the make or model of your car or truck, it is vulnerable to common car electrical problems. As more and more tech gets integrated into vehicles, a greater emphasis is placed on having a healthy electrical system in order to keep your car on the road and things running smoothly. Any issue with your car’s electrical system should always be handled by a qualified, experienced auto electrician but you can help avoid permanent damage by keeping an eye out for the most common car electrical problems.

Today we will cover 7 of the most common issues your auto electrical system can encounter as well as what you should be looking for. Keep in mind this is a general guide and with the massive amounts of makes and models on the road there can be discrepancies between signals. The only way to be truly sure about what’s causing your issues is to bring it into an auto electrician such as Bashi’s Auto Electrical for diagnosis.

Keep An Eye Out For These Common Car Electrical Problems

Part: Engine Starter

If you try to start your car and nothing happens it could be due to a multitude of reasons. One of these reasons is your engine starter whose job is self explanatory. Your engine starter gets the whole show running and no matter the condition of your car a faulty engine starter will result in nothing happening when you turn the key. The engine starter makes a small clicking sound when turning on so if you don’t hear a click when you turn the key the starter engine is a suspect.

Part: Car Battery

The car battery could be another reason your car is not starting up but is much easier to diagnose. If you hear the clicking sound of the starter but the engine will still not turn on it is a good idea to check your cabin lighting. If it is very dim or there is no light eliminating at all then it’s a good indicator of a dead battery. A dead battery can be caused by a variety of issues so it’s best to arrange a mobile auto electrician to come out and resolve the issue and diagnose the problem.

common car electrical problems

Part: Alternator

The alternator is another key component of your engine that is responsible for the generation of electric power. If your battery is flat there is a chance that it’s due to a malfunctioning alternator. Given how important your alternator is, it can be harder to troubleshoot because it manifests in a wide range of issues. Dim lights, dead batteries, starting troubles and stalling are all signs that your alternator is on the fritz. It’s interesting to note that faulty alternators are one of the most common jobs we have coming into the shop.

Short Circuiting

Much like any other electrical product your car can short circuit which can cause significant damage if left unchecked. A short circuit is when an electrical current flows through an unintended, “shorter” pathway with no or very low electrical impedance. When this happens the circuit will experience an excessive current running through it. You will typically be alerted to a short circuit in your car’s auto electrical system by the smell of burning plastic while driving which is a sure sign to bring it to Bashi’s.

common car electrical problems

Spark Plug Is Loose

The spark plug is an extremely important part of your car’s engine, providing a spark to ignite the fuel-air mixture to keep the cylinders pumping. A loose spark plug will result in poor performance due to motor misfires and can eventually lead to engine damage. A common sign that a spark plug is loose is something called engine knocking. Instead of the smooth and reliable sound of your engine you will hear a repetitive tapping or pinging sound that gets faster as you accelerate.

Blown or Faulty Fuses

A blown fuse can be responsible for a number of different issues within your car’s electrical system. More often than not a blown fuse is responsible for minor issues such as interior lights not working, turn signals not operating or the radio not operating but it can also prevent the car from starting. If an electrical component in your car is not working you can identify the fuse responsible for it using a diagram inside the fuse box lid or your manual to check for discoloration or bring it to us to save time and hassle.

checking car fuses

Fuel Injector

Your fuel injector is responsible for dispersing the right amount of fuel into your engine to keep things running smoothly. Signs that your fuel injector might need attention are rough idling or engine stalls, your engine vibrating or misfiring or simply your check engine light turning on. Just because you are experiencing these issues does not mean it needs replacing. More often than not the fuel injector is simply clogged and needs cleaning which is a service we provide at Bashi’s Auto Electrical.

Is Your Car Experiencing Any Of The Car Electrical Problems Above ?

If you are concerned that your vehicle is experiencing any of these common car electrical problems you should bring it in for an inspection. By playing it safe you not only enjoy a smoother, more reliable ride but you also prevent significant damage from occurring should the issues escalate. We offer obligation free quotes on all work we carry out and also have a mobile auto electrical service should your car or truck not be able to start.

To talk with a qualified auto electrician about any of the issues we have covered today, give Bashi’s Auto Electrical a call on 07 5495 7333. You can also contact us online by heading over to our contact page.