Benefits Of Installing A Reversing Camera

Reversing has long been the aspect of driving that makes people the most nervous. Limited vision, restricted spacing and having to contour to get the right angle means reversing can be uncomfortable at best. Luckily for us, the future has arrived and it’s hard to find a new car on the market without a reversing camera in it. While many were apprehensive at first, after giving it a go it becomes extremely clear why they are now standard.

A reversing camera gives you the complete picture when backing up, making the whole process much more comfortable while also increasing the safety of those in the vehicle and around it. While they are now common, many older vehicles do not have a reversing camera installed. This has led to the camera being one of the most popular aftermarket purchases we have seen coming through the shop and for good reason.

Get The Whole Picture

The reversing camera sits at the very back of your vehicle which means you get a completely unobstructed view when backing up. This eliminates any guesswork when reversing, keeping everyone safe. You also don’t need to twist and turn to get the best angle, meaning you can keep your eyes at the front where the rest of your dash is. Different models will have wider viewing angles, so we recommend chatting with an expert about what camera is best for you.

Increase Confidence In Parking

We mentioned before that parking can often be the source of stress while on the road. Directions are reversed, you are in an uncomfortable position and you cant see clearly. All of these factors combined with being in charge of an extremely heavy vehicle is a recipe for sweaty palms. After getting adjusted to your reversing camera, you will quickly find a wealth of confidence coming back as you are able to clearly and calmly park your car with ease.

reversing camera

No More Blind Spots

No matter how flexible you are, you will never be able to contort your body enough to see past the large blindspots at the rear of your vehicle. No matter how confident you are, operating a vehicle with impared vision will always be anxiety inducing and creates an unsafe environment. You can’t control other vehicles or pedestrians, meaning anything can be lurking in your blind spots, making a reversing camera a smart decision that is easily installed in any vehicle.

Save On Repairs

Many paint jobs have been ruined on the concrete pylons found throughout shopping centre car parks. The telltale scrapes on the rear are commonplace and can easily be avoided by the installation of a reversing camera. The financial impact of repairs is something we all want to avoid, particularly if the accident involves another vehicle. A reversing camera is extremely affordable and is a prudent investment for those wanting to avoid costly repair bills.

reversing camera

Get Your Reversing Camera Installed & Calibrated By Experienced Professionals

If you are interested in having a reversing camera installed by experienced professionals, get in touch with Bashi’s Auto Electrical. We offer obligation free quotes on the installation and calibration of reversing cameras, meaning you have nothing to lose by bringing your pride and joy in. We can install reversing cameras on any make or model of vehicle, so you can bring your car up to date and enjoy modern safety features.

To arrange a time to have a reversing camera installed, or to ask more questions about the process, contact us on 07 5495 7333. If you would like to get in touch with us online, please visit our online contact form by clicking here.