Replacing Your Cabin Filter

The role of the cabin filter is to clean and filter the air that runs through your heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system of your car. Operating in much the same way as your engine air filter, the cabin filter is typically composed of multi-fibre paper cotton alongside other materials. While it is a little known component of your car, it plays a pivotal role in keeping those inside your car healthy while your air conditioning is on.

Without a cabin filter the interior of your car would be full of harmful particles such as dust, dirt, pollution, bacteria and pollen. While these smaller particles are typically reason for concern, the cabin filter will also prevent larger objects such as small bugs, leaves and pebbles from making their way into vital and vulnerable components within your engine. All of these foreign contaminants have an impact on the expected lifespan of the filter itself.

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Signs Your Cabin Filter Might Need Replacing

By keeping an eye out for a few key signs that your cabin filter might be struggling you can better determine when it might be time to bring it to an auto electrician for inspection and / or replacement:

Reduced or Poor Airflow

If you notice that the airflow from your cars vents is reduced or inconsistent when operating the A/C system it could be a sign that the cabin filter needs replacing. As more and more debris builds up on the filter it restricts the air flow, resulting in the system having to work more to try and get the same results.

System Does Not Heat / Cool Efficiently

If the A/C system is not heating or cooling as efficiently as it once did it could be time to bring your car in to have your cabin filter replaced. A blocked filter will dramatically impact the ability of your HVAC system to do its job, making it work harder which can result in other components breaking, compounding the issue further.

Odours Emanating From Vents

As the cabin filter becomes clogged with foreign contaminants it can result in damp, musty or strange odours emanating from the vents in your car. This is a significant reason for concern because the smells can indicate the build up of mould which presents a threat to your respiratory system.

Noticeable Increase In Noise From Fans

Much like the rest of the signs we have looked at, an increase in fan noise can be associated with the cabin filter being clogged. With the system finding it harder and harder to draw air through the filter, the fans have to kick in to overdrive to get the same results as it would if the filter was clean and free of debris.

It is worth noting that these signs could also represent another issue within your A/C system such as a lack of refrigerant or other system failures. The best course of action when noticing any of the above is to bring your vehicle into a qualified and experienced auto electrician for inspection.

How Often Should You Replace Your Cabin Filter?

We have covered some signs to be on the lookout for in regards to the health of your cabin filter, it is recommended to have it replaced between 25,000km and 50,000km. This is just a guideline and for those driving in areas that have a high level of pollution or dust replacement should happen much sooner, around the 8,000km to 20,000km mark. Prevention is always recommended and with this in mind we recommend considering it before long road trips.

How often you should have the cabin filter replaced can also be determined by the occupants and any health conditions they may have. The more vulnerable your occupants are, the more frequently the filter should be replaced. Those with allergies to common airborne particles such as pollen are a good example of this. We understand it can be difficult to make these assessments and are happy to have a chat with you about your individual situation.

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Think Your Cabin Filter Needs Replacing?

If you have noticed your A/C system is struggling or any of the signs above are present within your vehicle’s cabin, give Bashis Auto Electrical a call to arrange an inspection of your car’s cabin filter. Our team of qualified auto electricians all possess a wealth of experience and can determine if your filter needs replacement or if another component of your HVAC system is causing the issue.

To arrange a time to have your cabin filter inspected, give Bashi’s Auto Electrical a call on 07 5495 7333. If you would like to contact us online you can do so by heading over to our contact page and filling in our online form.