Finding The Right Heavy Duty Alternator

When it comes time to picking the right heavy duty alternator for your big rig it pays to do your research. Making the right choice is vital to ensure your new alternator can cover all the bases including being able to handle all the electrical loads of the truck as well as any lighting and accessories you might have installed. The alternator being able to comfortably handle all of these stressors especially when idle has the benefit of extending the battery and starter motor life.

These benefits are due to the alternator being the “heart” of your rigs electrical system. It goes without saying that without a properly functioning electrical system you aren’t going anywhere soon and this presents more than a slight issue for a vehicle whose purpose is getting goods from A to B in good time. Your alternator ensures your starter motor can get the ball rolling and keeps the vehicle running while charging your batteries.

As stated, to ensure you have the right alternator fitted the output (measured in amps) at operating temperature must be able to cover the total load required by your rig while also being able to charge the batteries, keeping them at full charge. When we take a look at your truck we can quickly work out what components are drawing power and what the right alternator is. Our time and experience working with prime movers means we can take care of the calculations for you.

Let’s take a look at a general example of what electrical load a heavy vehicle might experience during operation. A big rig with trailers attached can require 65-75 amps just to cover the engine control systems, HVAC compressor and system fans, extra headlamps and lets not forget the work light for the 5th wheel. We then need to consider what accessories you have installed for either safety, easier use or quality of life.

These accessories can include driving lights, clearance lights, air conditioning and even a fridge. When you add all of these components up we can be looking at a load that exceeds well over 150 amps. There is more though because remember we need to keep the batteries charged while the vehicle is in operation and this adds to the load total. All of this added up lets us know what the best alternator for your truck is.

Bashis has been working with drivers for decades to get them the best possible parts at great prices. Over this time we have seen just about everything there is in regards to heavy vehicle electrical systems. Recent changes to regulations and the increasing need for emissions reductions / fuel efficiency has seen a need for alternators to perform at lower RPM and we have started to stock alternators that meet this demand.

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