Do You Need An Electric Brake Controller?

An Electric Brake Controller (EBC) is a very important bit of kit for those with trailers and caravans. The job of the EBC is to activate the brakes of your caravan or trailer when you brake in your towing vehicle. Your caravan likely weighs a lot and all of that weight becomes a factor when you start to slow down, especially when traversing hilly terrain. The electric brake controller is installed in the towing vehicle and ensures that the forces that occur when you brake are applied evenly, keeping the trailer behind you where it belongs.

Without an EBC you run the risk of your caravan smashing into the rear of your vehicle when you try to brake. This obviously presents a threat to the safety of you and those in the vehicle at the time which should be avoided at all costs. There is also the chance that the trailer swings off to the side which endangers those sharing the road with you. Given how quick and affordable the installation of an EBC is, having one installed is a bit of a no-brainer.

How Does An Electric Brake Controller Work?

In order to slow the trailer down in synchronisation with your vehicle, the EBC needs to be able to determine when to brake and how much pressure it should apply to get the desired results. Depending on what model you go with this can be determined by a gyro or metre that reads G-force and then applies brakes as needed. If you are using a controller that relies on measuring G-force it will need to be fixed to the inside of your vehicle in order to measure correctly.

If your caravan or trailer has an electrical braking device you will not be able to tow it without an EBC installed. Our experienced auto electricians have been installing EBC’s for decades and can recommend the right controller and determine the best settings for it. Not only does this help immensely during sudden brakes but an EBC also keeps the trip going smoothly in general, preventing sway and bumps.

electric brake controller

Proper Installation Is Crucial For Your Safety

Proper installation and configuration of your electric brake controller can make a world of difference. Some units allow you to set the strength of the braking being passed on to the trailer. By taking the time to properly install and configure an electric brake controller, we are able to provide the safest conditions possible when towing your trailer or caravan. Essentially, the ideal EBC setup will result in the trailer operating as if it was another vehicle.

If you are currently shopping for a new trailer or caravan and are not sure if you need an EBC installed, get in touch with us. Safety is something we always prioritise at Bashi’s so we are more than happy to provide any information relevant to your purchase including the installation of a brake controller. We have several options to choose from when purchasing a brake controller and are happy to walk you through the strengths of each one.

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Have Your EBC Installed By A Trusted Auto Electrician

It makes sense to have your electric brake controller installed by someone you can trust. Bashi’s Auto Electrical are experts when it comes to the installation and servicing of EBC’s. Our auto electricians have been installing brake controllers for decades and understand how to navigate any challenges presented by your caravan, trailer and towing vehicle. We can also provide invaluable insights in regards to how to get the most out of your electric brake controller.

If you have purchased a new trailer or caravan and need to have an EBC installed, get in touch with us to arrange a time to bring it all in. You can call us on 07 5495 7333 or visit our contact page to fill in our online form. We take great pride in every service we provide and the installation of your EBC is no different. We will ensure everything is set up correctly with no shortcuts taken which means you and your family are safe as houses while on the road.