How Does A DC-DC Battery Charger Help Dual Battery Charging Systems And “Smart Alternators”

Depending on what you use your vehicle for, a dual battery system can be incredibly useful. Whether it be for some luxury camping in your 4WD or powering tools in your ute a dual battery system lets you remotely power electrical devices without the risk of flattening your starter battery.

Taking care of your batteries is vital to ensuring a healthy lifespan and this does not change when it comes to dual battery setups. The last thing you would want is to arrive on site to find you can’t keep your snacks cool or your tools running. This is where a “smart alternator” starts to shine.

What Role Does A Smart Alternator Play?

A smart alternator, also referred to as a smart vehicle charging system, is designed to optimise both the state of charge and reduce alternator output when not required. This in turn lowers fuel consumption which is a handy extra bonus.

Depending on what type of dual battering charging system is used this can have a significant effect. Traditional dual battery solenoids do their best work when using a linear charging system that cuts in when you get above a certain voltage. When this happens the second battery comes into play and the starter battery is preserved.

While this can be perfectly fine there can be issues. If your system uses smart or ECU controlled systems the engine ECU can sometimes determine that the battery is sufficiently charged and then drop the alternator output and voltage in order to reduce fuel use. If this happens below the cutout voltage of the dual battery solenoid itself it will result in the second batter not being charged.

Batteries need to be fully charged in order to avoid premature failure so this presents an issue right away. Another downside is that by not being fully charged you can’t rely on your second battery to power your devices for long, if at all. Vehicle batteries need to be reliable and any steps we can take towards ensuring this is well worth it.

A DC-DC Battery Charger Can Make All The Difference

In order to prevent the failure of your dual battery system and prevent being caught out we recommend using a DC-DC battery charger. This device will allow you to create a charging profile tailored to your dual battery system. With this information the DC-DC battery charger can charge your auxiliary battery to optimum levels.

A DC-DC charge is your auxiliary battery’s best friend and its job is to make sure it is taken care of when it comes to getting a full charge. It will also compensate the charge rate of the main battery for the extra load needed.

If you are looking for a DC-DC charging system we can recommend the REDARC BCDC1240D, Aussie made and incredibly reliable these charging systems will make sure you get to camp with a fully charged backup battery so you can focus on more important things.

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Need A DC-DC Battery Charge? Bring It To Bashi’s!

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