Why You Need To Flush Your A/C System

Just like any other part of your vehicle’s auto electrical system, your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance in order to function at peak performance and to avoid an issue evolving into a much bigger problem. Luckily for us it can be much easier to determine when your A/C system needs some attention compared to other components, with a variety of signals letting you know it’s time to bring your vehicle into Bashi’s for servicing.

The first sign your air conditioning is on the fritz is probably the most obvious one; it doesn’t cool the car as efficiently as it once did. If you find you have to turn the knob more and more to get the same results then it’s a good indication your A/C system needs some love. Another easy to identify signal is a musty odour emanating from the events while the system is in use which is of a particular concern because it is a threat to the air quality circulating within your vehicle.

Another key sign your A/C system requires servicing is a rattling sound coming from the vents either when the system is first turned on or during operation. This one can be tough to isolate but the fact is if you hear rattling when your car, truck or 4WD is on the move you should always play it safe and bring it in to a qualified professional for an inspection. Once we take a look we can determine if your A/C system needs to be flushed in order to resolve your issue.

flush a/c system

Most Common Reasons For Flushing An Automotive Air-Conditioning System

  • Your compressor has failed which can cause the distribution of compressor debris through the system. This is typically due to incorrect service conditions, high head pressures and insufficient servicing.
  • The existing refrigerant and oils have degraded due to moisture build up within the system. Caused by a lack of professional servicing and not replacing the receiver dryer/filter.
  • Desiccant is escaping from a degraded dryer. This is usually due to a lack of regular servicing or vibration.
  • The system has been serviced recently and the refrigerant used was old, contaminated or inappropriate for the type of system in your vehicle.

There is a common thread here and that is poor servicing or a lack of regular servicing by an experienced, qualified professional. All too often we have a car or truck come in and discover that shortcuts were taken and the work carried out was sub par which results in even more issues popping up. When this happens the risk of contamination rises which can lead to one part of the A/C system causing the rest to fail.

flush a/c system

Flushing Your A/C System Might Not Be Enough

When dealing with contamination we need to ascertain what parts need replacing and what can be brought back to a serviceable condition. In most cases the compressor will have to be replaced along with the condenser but this will typically depend on whether it is a single pass or multi-pass condenser. Single pass condensers can be flushed completely, removing contanimations and bringing it back into a usable state.

A multi-pass condenser has a much more complex structure which makes flushing much less effective. This is where our experience comes into play in the form of clearly communicating what is happening during a service to the client. We will always try to find the most economical resolution to any fault but forcing a cheaper option such as just flushing your multi-pass condenser might make your wallet happy now but have you back in the shop a week later.

If an attempt to flush the condenser is made and not all of the contaminants are removed, it will eventually lead to the failure of the rest of the A/C system. While it may seem like everything is flushed clean the changes in temperature, pressure and airflow can cause unflushed particles to break loose and before you know it you are in need of yet another compressor, dryer, TX valve, receiver and even the evaporator.

We would be lying if we said we had never had a customer think we were looking to pad a bill by suggesting multiple parts be replaced but the reality is this is because of our experience and understanding developed after working with just about every make and model you can think of. While you might not be thrilled with the idea of replacing multiple parts, it is better than the alternative of having to replace the entire system and for us taking the time to clearly explain why we feel this is the best option is worth it.

Need Your A/C System Flushed? Bring It To Bashi’s!

Our extensive experience partnered with a commitment to quality customer service means you are always in good hands when bringing your car, truck or 4WD into Bashi’s Auto Electrical for an A/C flushing. We will always clearly communicate what is wrong with your auto electrical system and provide an obligation free quote for us to carry out the repairs needed. We always encourage you to ask any questions you have about the work we intend to carry out.

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