Understanding & Repairing Your Windshield Wiper Motor and Controls

Windshield wiper motors and controls are integral to driving safety, particularly during adverse weather conditions. These components ensure clear visibility by removing rain, snow, and debris from the windshield. However, like any mechanical part, they are prone to wear and tear, leading to potential faults. Understanding these issues and knowing when to seek professional repair is crucial for maintaining optimal vehicle performance and safety.

What is a Windshield Wiper Motor and Control?

A windshield wiper motor is an electric motor that powers the windshield wipers. Together with the control mechanism, it allows drivers to adjust the speed and pattern of the wipers according to weather conditions. This system is essential for maintaining clear visibility during rain or snow, a critical aspect of safe driving. With the recent battering of storms across South-East Queensland, the humble windshield wiper becomes a vital component for safety.

Common Faults in Windshield Wiper Motors and Controls

Common issues with these systems include motor burnout, electrical faults, and control mechanism failures. Motor burnout can occur due to overuse or electrical issues, leading to the wipers not working at all. Electrical faults, such as wiring problems or blown fuses, can cause intermittent or erratic wiper behaviour. Control mechanism failures might result in the inability to adjust wiper speeds or patterns.

Windshield Wipers

Recognizing the Warning Signs: Symptoms of Windshield Wiper Issues

Identifying issues with your windshield wipers early can prevent impaired visibility during crucial moments. Here are some key symptoms that indicate a problem with the windshield wiper motor or control system:

  • Erratic Movement or Failure to Move: One of the most noticeable signs of a malfunctioning wiper system is when the wipers move unpredictably, or worse, fail to move at all. This can indicate a motor or electrical issue.
  • Difficulty in Adjusting Speeds or Patterns: If you find that your wipers aren’t responding to speed adjustments or are stuck in a single operational mode, this could be a symptom of a faulty control mechanism.
  • Unusual Noises During Operation: Any strange sounds, such as grinding or squeaking when the wipers are in use, suggest potential issues with the wiper motor gears or misalignment of components.
  • Wipers Stopping in Incorrect Positions: Wipers that do not return to their ‘rest’ position or stop midway across the windshield are a clear sign of a malfunction. This could be due to issues with the motor or the wiper linkage.
Windshield Wipers

Each of these symptoms can be a call to action to have your vehicle’s wiper system checked and serviced. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to these warning signs can ensure your windshield wipers function reliably, especially during adverse weather conditions.

How Bashi’s Auto Electrical Can Help

Bashi’s Auto Electrical specialises in diagnosing and repairing windshield wiper motor and control issues. With a team of experienced auto electricians and access to high-quality parts, Bashi’s ensures your vehicle returns to optimal condition, prioritising your safety and vehicle reliability. If your windshield wipers have stopped working and it’s a rainy day, you can call on our mobile auto electrical service so you can get your wipers repaired without risking a drive without them.

Don’t Put Off Windshield Wiper Repairs – Bring it to Bashi’s!

Windshield wiper motors and controls are vital for driving safety. Recognizing the signs of malfunction and seeking timely repair is key. For reliable and professional service, Bashi’s Auto Electrical stands ready to assist with all your auto electrical needs, ensuring your vehicle remains safe and compliant on the road. Our focus on quality work and emphasis on safety for our staff and clients means we take our job seriously.

We also offer obligation free quotes on all of our auto electrical services, meaning you have nothing to lose by playing it safe and bringing your car in for wiper repair. To talk with a qualified auto electrician about your windshield wipers and controls, get in touch with Bashi’s Auto Electrical by calling 07 5495 7333 or fill out our online form.