Truck Electrical Services & Repair

Bashi’s Auto Electrical provides all aspects of truck and transport electrical services including repair, re-wiring and maintenance. Our specialist auto electricians are experienced in dealing with any make or model on the road today with a focus on fast turnaround times and excellent customer service.

Truck Electrical Servicing

Our warehouse is home to many replacement parts both new and refurbished which means we are able to provide solutions for any make or model with options to suit any budget. If we are not able to find a replacement part, we can also carry out repairs on the existing malfunctioning part.

Truck Alternators

If you find your truck is experiencing issues related to a lack of power the alternator can often be the source of the issue. When your alternator malfunctions it stops the battery from being able to recharge which will eventually mean the battery will no longer operate. We have a massive range of alternators on hand and are even able to build you a new one using parts to the manufacturers specifications.

Truck Batteries

Making sure you have the best possible battery installed in your truck will save you time and money down the track. Often a battery will malfunction or stop working completely without any warning. The easiest part of any auto electrical issue to resolve means we can have you on the road again quickly with the peace of mind that you have the best quality in battery from Austral Batteries.

Truck Lighting

We offer solutions for both safety and aesthetic lighting for trucks. If you have a semi-trailer you will need to have the tail lights in full function around the clock meaning you and the drivers around you are safe. We also service and wire emergency lighting for your rig.

Starter Motors For Your Truck

Unlike some auto electrical issues a broken starter motor can be a pain because once it happens you cant move the truck anywhere. We provide a mobile auto electrical service for transport vehicles so you can experience the same level of expertise and care you would receive in our warehouse and garage.

Aside from general electrical troubleshooting Bashi’s Auto Electrical also provides Truck LED Light Replacement, Truck Electric Brake Controller Troubleshooting, Trailer Light Repairs, Truck Headlight Replacement, Truck Gauge Installation, Truck Emergency Light Installation, Truck Marker Light Replacement, Trailer Light Repairs, Clearance Light Replacement, Wire Harness Repair and Replacement as well as Truck Battery Testing and Replacement.