REDARC’s Ultimate 50amp Dual input In-vehicle DC Battery Charging Kit is perfect for larger battery banks and quick charging for extended travel.

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REDARC’s ultimate remote touring battery charging kit is the perfect setup for people wanting to get away for weeks, or even months at a time, to explore the country without missing out on the 12v comforts we enjoy at home.

This ultimate remote touring dual battery setup offers everything you need if you’re looking to add, or already have, a larger secondary battery (200AH+)* in your vehicle that will allow you to run fridges, inverters and other 12v devices. Pair with a 200Ah REDARC Lithium Battery for the ultimate dual battery setup.

The 50amp BCDC will help to charge your batteries (200AH+) while you’re on the move, and features a solar input so that the 112w Amorphous solar blanket can help you harness the sun’s energy to get batteries back to 100% charge when you’re setup at camp.*

*large capacity battery banks may require a few cycles to fully charge.

A 1000w pure sine wave inverter will allow you to charge a host of 240v appliances like phone and camera chargers and a whole lot more.

With the inclusion of a dual voltage monitoring gauge you can always keep a closer eye on your battery performance to ensure you are not over or under voltage.

What’s inside?

This ultimate remote touring battery charging kit has everything you may need to install into your vehicle before taking off on your next great adventure.

These include:

  • A 50amp dc to dc battery charger (BCDC1250D) to connect and charge your batteries
  • A 60amp fuse kit (FK60) required for self-installation
  • A 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter (R-12-1000RS) to plug your 240v gear into**
  • A 112W Amorphous solar blanket (SAF1112) to top up those batteries at camp
  • A 5m Anderson cable (SRC0018) so you can put the blanket in the sunshine to gain charge, and park your vehicle under the shade to keep cool
  • A dual voltage gauge (G52-VVA) so you can keep an eye on your batteries’ charging performance
  • A hall effect current sensor (GS-AMPS) to measure the current flowing from your main battery to your second battery

This kit is a 4WDer’s dream setup if they’re wanting to install their own dual battery charging kit with portable solar capabilities to suit their bigger battery banks and travel needs.



Output Current Rating (Cont.) 50A
Output System Voltage 12VDC
Input Charge Simultaneous vehicle and solar
Installation Type In-cabin or under bonnet
Value pack Yes