Adding Modern Safety Features to Older Vehicles

The vehicle manufacturing industry is constantly innovating and improving the standard safety features in their latest models. Over the last few years, there has been a huge increase in smart safety technology making new cars and our roads safer. But what about older cars on the road? ANCAP has revealed in one of many shocking road safety studies that the rate of fatal crashes is four times higher for older vehicles than for new vehicles.

The good news is you don’t need to buy the latest car in order to get the real-world benefits of modern safety technology. A variety of new safety features can be retrofitted into older vehicles. Whether you’re just not in the position to upgrade to a brand new car or are wanting to pass on your old vehicle to your children you can ensure you and your family are safer with some simple safety upgrades.

Crash & Reversing Cameras

No matter how much of an experienced driver you are there will always be blind spots. From tight parallel parking to hooking up trailers and caravans a reversing camera is a simple accessory to make backing safer and easier. These cameras can be fitted to just about any vehicle and can be hooked into existing head units. There are also a variety of other screen mounting options, including screens that can be clipped over your rearview mirror.

Beyond the standard reversing camera, crash cameras can serve as an additional witness should you be involved in a crash. Crash camera footage can help speed up your insurance claim, by providing evidence of exactly what happened without needing to rely on witnesses makes the claim process easier, quicker and much less stressful.

reverse camera safety feature

With quality cameras getting smaller and more affordable, retrofitting reversing and crash cameras is becoming easier and cheaper. There are even DIY kits available if you feel like taking on the task yourself. These are more intermediate to advanced projects requiring electrical experience, soldering skills and the removal of trim and moulding so for most people it is best to go to a qualified installer. Here at Bashi’s Auto Electrical we offer professional supply and installation of crash and reversing cameras. Our experienced team can quickly and neatly install these cameras and screens in a huge range of vehicles.

Cruise Control

Cruise control has come a long way in recent years becoming an essential safety component in many new vehicles. Not only does cruise control make long journeys and highway driving more comfortable it also offers safety benefits. When you’re not constantly looking at the speedo you’re able to focus more on the road conditions and other vehicles around you. Modern cruise control options also feature a range of smart driver-assistance technologies, and some of them are not that difficult to add to older vehicles.

When it comes to looking for a cruise control system right for you it’s important to do your research. The kinds of compatible units and the features they can offer will vary on the age, make and model of your car. Generally, automatic vehicles that use electronic throttle control will be the easiest to upgrade and offer you the most options.

cruise control safety feature

Retrofitting a cruise control system is a complex process that should be completed by an experienced auto electrician. At Bashi’s Auto Electrical we are approved installers for fly-by-wire cruise control systems. Command Cruise Control by Command Auto Group is an innovative and safety-focused fly or drive-by-wire cruise control system. With all the basic speed controls, the system also features a coast function and immediate cruise control disengagement for the brake and clutch. Some of the more premium safety features include speed alerts and voluntary and fixed speed limiter modes.

Additional Safety Features

When it comes to upgrading the safety of an older car, one thing often goes overlooked, and that is simply servicing and checking the car for faults. To ensure the safety and reliability of older vehicles checking things like battery health, oxygen sensors and fuel injectors becomes increasingly important.

With over 30-years of experience Bashi’s Auto Electrical are your local experts. When it comes to retrofitting safety features to your older vehicles our professional team is here to help. Along with accessory installations our team can also assist with maintenance, repairs and safety checks for your car. Whether you’re looking at upgrading your vehicle’s safety features or want a safety check contact the team today.