Maintaining Heavy Equipment

Whether it be construction, agriculture, earthmoving or transport, your heavy equipment is an invaluable part of your business. Given the key role they play, it makes a tremendous amount of sense to ensure they are running as optimally as possible. Maintaining heavy equipment not only keeps everything running smoothly but it also extends its lifespan. This is a massive boon to your business because heavy equipment is not cheap.

We provide auto electrical services to all heavy equipment including tractors, loaders and excavators. We can service these in our shop or take care of it on site with our mobile auto electrical service. Our decades of experience means our qualified auto electricians are trusted by commercial clients across our service region. If you are concerned about the longevity of your heavy equipment, here are some quick tips for maintaining them.

Quick Tips For Maintaining Heavy Equipment

Regular Servicing Saves Time & Money

Prevention is the best cure and this applies to having your heavy equipment serviced on a regular basis. A servicing fee and the time required to do a thorough inspection pales in comparison to the cost of breakdowns. If you are unsure about what intervals work best for servicing your heavy equipment, we can make recommendations based on our experience with the make or model in question. We can even visit you when it’s time to carry out your heavy equipment servicing, with our mobile auto electrical service making logistics a breeze.

Look For Warning Signs & Check Your Fluids

You don’t always need to wait for a warning light to take action when it comes to fluids. Taking the initiative and giving everything a quick once over can prevent equipment failure. It also keeps your heavy equipment running at the highest efficiency possible which is vital in any industry where time is money. Make sure you don’t skimp on the quality of fluids, we stock quality automotive products and can recommend the best product to suit your needs. This can extend the time between refills, furthering the value of your equipment.

Ensure Operators Have The Right Training

Depending on your approach to hiring heavy equipment operators, it may be prudent to make sure they have the correct training when it comes to safely operating their equipment. Proper training means they understand its limits and how to get the best results while putting as little strain on the engine and electrical systems as possible. Experienced operators will understand what they need to look out for and how to best operate the machinery so asking these veterans for advice when it comes to training new recruits is a great idea.

Maintaining Heavy Equipment
Maintaining Heavy Equipment

Benefits Of Maintaining Heavy Equipment

We have touched on some benefits earlier, with increased lifespan being one of the key ones. Your heavy equipment is an investment and should be treated as such to get the most out of it. Being proactive means your equipment operates at higher efficiency and the reduced chance of breakdowns means a better uptime in general. All of this equals more productivity which is invaluable for anyone looking to maximise profits. As an additional benefit, regular maintenance of your heavy equipment keeps your operators and work environment safe.

Bashi’s Are A Trusted Auto Electrician For Servicing Heavy Equipment

Our experience gained from working on heavy equipment across decades of operation makes us a trusted source for machine owners across South-East Queensland. We have seen just about everything there is when it comes to servicing heavy equipment and this experience works to your advantage when you choose Bashi’s Auto Electrical. We can get the most out of your equipment and provide the right advice to extend its longevity.

To talk with a qualified auto electrician about maintaining your heavy equipment, give us a call on 07 5495 7333 or contact us online.