Choosing The Right RV Battery

If you are in need of a new RV battery then there are a few things to consider. While most people generally assume that their motorhome battery will last an age but the reality is quite different. Due to the potentially large amount of devices clamouring for power draw the stress on your RV battery is quite a bit more than a typical vehicle.

These devices can also present challenges when looking for the right power solution for your motorhome. As an example a 12v battery will be the best choice for motorhomes and travel trailers generally speaking. However there are batteries better made to power their electrical systems.

The Most Common RV Battery Types

Conventional Flooded Electrolyte Batteries (CVE)

CVE’s are perhaps the most common battery type that will come with your new RV. As a result of this widespread use they can be quite versatile when it comes to shapes and sizes. Conventional flood electrolyte batteries have a low upfront cost and hold a very high charge rate. As a trade-off they also require occasional maintenance, needing water to replenish any lost electrolytes.

Absorbent Glass Mat Batteries (AGM)

AGM batteries stand out from the rest due to the fact they can actually perform 2 roles. One is that of a deep cycle battery and another as a starting battery. The AGM battery works by using a separator made of fiberglass to hold the electrolytes in place. They are very hardy through being impact resistant and their tight packaging means less vibration.

AGM batteries are easy to install and require little maintenance with little to no corrosion or acid leaks. Depending on the variant they can efficiently handle solar energy storage applications which are becoming commonplace. If an AGM battery is well maintained it can outlast 3 CVE batteries which is great value despite them having a higher upfront cost.

Gel Batteries

Gel batteries are similar to the AGM variants due to ease of installation and little maintenance required. They are valve-regulated batteries that mix electrolytes with sulphuric acid and silica to create a gel substance. This gel makes the battery function and uses electrolytes in a similar fashion to traditional lead acid batteries.

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Our Recommendation For Your RV Battery

We think the AGM type of battery is the best choice for those looking to replace the battery in their motorhome. They are the best value when it comes to longevity and performance even if they are asking for a little more upfront.

As you are sleeping in your motorhome or trailer safety should always be a key concern and AGM batteries tick this box as well. Their ability to integrate well with solar power is another plus and it doesn’t hurt that they are extremely easy to maintain which means you get more time to enjoy your adventures.

We stock a wide range of AGM batteries from Power Crank. They come in a number of power outputs so you can find the perfect battery for your needs. We have found them to be the most reliable brand by far when it comes to heavy duty vehicle batteries.

If you would like an obligation free quote for the purchase and installation of a replacement battery for your RV then bring it to Bashi’s. We can assess your total power needs and recommend the right battery for you. To arrange a time to bring your RV or camper in just give us a call on 07 5495 7333 or contact us online.