Choosing an Auto Electrician for Your Prestige Car

It can be difficult to find a trustworthy auto electrician to work on your prestige car. You don’t want to hand over your vehicle to someone inexperienced or who won’t pay your car the respect and attention it deserves. So what should you look for when choosing an auto electrician for your luxury vehicle?

Experience Matters

Prestige and luxury vehicles are built differently to other cars on the road in Australia. Making it even more important to choose an auto electrician that has experience working with luxury brands. Someone who knows your kind of vehicle will be able to get the job done easily and efficiently. When your auto electrician is familiar with all the ins and outs of your type of car they can diagnose, troubleshoot and fix small problems before they become large ones.

Diagnostic Equipment

Modern cars now more than ever rely on computers to run them. Making sure your auto electrician has the right equipment to communicate with your vehicle’s computer is key ensuring work is done properly. The equipment and software can vary from country of manufacture, brand, and even down to the make and model. It’s not only important to have the latest diagnostic technology but also the right combination of equipment and software for your car.

Warranty & Reviews

A professional auto electrician will stand by the quality of their work and offer a warranty or guarantee. Online reviews, or just asking friends and fellow prestige car owners can also be a great way to find out more about your potential auto electrician. Whether it’s a simple electrical service or safety check, troubleshooting a mystery problem, or fixing a major issue you want an auto electrician who is confident in their work and will take care of your luxury vehicle.

Vintage & Classic Prestige Cars

Finding someone to work on your vintage or classic car can be even more daunting. Older cars need special attention, especially when it comes to their electrics. Because a new part can’t just be ordered in for these vehicles your auto electrician will need to be able to repair, recondition or possibly rebuild components like starter motors and alternators.

We Can Help With Your Prestige Car

At Bashi’s Auto Electrical we have a fully-equipped workshop and an experienced team. Backed by over 30-years of experience we offer a range of specialist services for Lamborghinis, Porsches and Ferraris. Whether you have the latest model or a classic, we offer a range of services. Our skilled in-house team can help with accessory installation, diagnostics, troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service. Our team will take the time not only to diagnose and quote for repairs but also to talk you through each step so you always understand exactly what we’re doing and why.

If you would like to have your prestige car’s electrical system looked at or are experiencing issues with it then contact Bashi’s Auto Electrical today.