Experts in Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

The air conditioning system in your car is designed to keep the air in your car cool, fresh and well circulated so you can be comfortable and focussed on the road. Just like every system in your vehicle it needs maintenance and repair over time to keep it running in optimal fashion.

An extremely common issue is the refrigerant used in the system starting to leak. When this happens the efficiency of your air conditioning system starts to drop significantly. The refrigerant works in a continuous cycle by cooling the air brought in from outside the car and pushing it through to cycle out the hot air inside.

Bashi’s Are Auto Air Conditioning Specialists

In order to diagnose and repair your air conditioning you need to engage a qualified professional with experience. Bashi’s Auto Electrical have been working with air conditioning systems for over 30 years and have a massive range of replacement parts on hand in our workshop to get you back on the road sooner.

After we have checked the system for leaks and faults we will then provide you with the best quote we possibly can. Once approved we can get to work fixing the issue that is causing the leaks and then refill the system with manufacturer standard refrigerant. Our experienced team have worked with every type of vehicle from cars and 4WD’s to trucks and large earthmoving equipment.

Air Conditioning System Routine Inspection and Repair

It is recommended that you carry out a routine inspection of your air conditioning system every 3 years at the most to keep it running at its most optimum. By using an expert with experience you ensure the work being carried out is of the utmost quality which means you won’t be back again a year later. At Bashi’s we take no shortcuts in both labour and materials and have established a reputation as a provider of excellent service.

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If you have noticed your air conditioning system isn’t performing like it used to then we encourage you to give Bashi’s Auto Electrical a call on 07 5495 7333 or contact us online. Our team of qualified experts are on hand to discuss your air conditioning system and can arrange a time for you to bring your vehicle in.